What is a Slot?

A slot is a narrow opening used for receiving or delivering objects. The word “slot” is a synonym for the verb ‘to place’, meaning ‘to position’. The word is also used for an opening in an aircraft wing, which is often opened along its leading edge to improve airflow. Moreover, the word’slot’ is a compound noun. Its roots are in the ancient Greek language.


A slot can be a verb, intransitive. It refers to placing something in a slot, such as a lock. A verb that indicates putting something into a slot is’slotting’. A person who slots into a lock will be able to access the item. In other words, a person who slots into a lock will be granted access to the item. It’s a common expression for people who enjoy gaming or who have a passion for electronics.

The verb’slot’ is a combination of two verbs. It is an intransitive form of the word’slott’ and means ‘to put something into a slot’. It is used in the sense of ‘to put something into a lock’, ‘to fit’, and ‘to insert.’ This definition also applies to’slotting’. In other words, slotting is to insert something into a slot.

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