The Slot – The Most Common and Simplest Use of the Slot


The slot is an example of the smallest unit of measure. It is a small rectangular opening or slot on a machine that contains a lever that activates the process.

Slots can be defined in a number of ways. Some definitions of the slot include an expansion slot, the ISA slot, and the PCI slot. There are also slot-invoking mechanisms that are used for system calls.

This article focuses on the most common and simplest use of the slot. The slot is an efficient way of connecting one object to another.

The slot-invoking mechanism is not very well known. Using slots in the right place can save time and money. Aside from that, slots can also be used to receive signals.

Although slot-invoking mechanisms are not standardized, a signal-slot connection is the most common. These connections are used by various components on a server.

To implement the most effective signal-slot connection, it is recommended that you encapsulate the most important information in a simple, concise object. That object, referred to as the context object, contains the necessary information to execute the receiver within the context thread.

The QObject::connect() function, in particular, is a good way to ensure that the receiver is executed in the proper context. It uses the SIGNAL and SLOT macros to connect the signal to the slot.

However, it isn’t the most efficient. The actual cost of the QObject::connect function is a fraction of that which is saved by using the slot-invoking mechanism.

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