The Definition of Slot


The word slot is an adverb that means “opening.” Its most common meaning is a narrow opening used to receive things. Sometimes, it can also refer to a position. For example, an airplane slot is a space that is opened along the leading edge of the wing for better airflow. The verb slot is a synonym of the noun. Its usage can be found in various contexts. This article will discuss the definition of slot in more detail.

The word slot is a verb and is intransitive, meaning that you put something into a slot. It can also be an intransitive verb: to slott. Putting something into a slot, lock, or drawer is an action. It is a common activity for teens and is a perfect way to make friends. In fact, slots can be a great way to spend your evenings with friends or a loved one.

A slot is a slit, groove, or opening in a wing. It facilitates the flow of air over the wing. In addition, it is a position in an organization, a slot machine, and an unmarked area between face-off circles in ice hockey. The definition of slot is very similar to that of a computer mouse. When you insert a mouse into a slot, it will engage the mechanism on the other side.

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